Let’s explore the evolution of car parking multiplayer 2020 vs 2023 to uncover the changes and updates that have shaped the amazing gaming experience over the year. Today we are going to compare the old version and the new and latest version of the car parking multiplayer game. What things have changed and what things should have remained the same?

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It is a super awesome game that has given so many features like online gameplay, realistic car parking challenges, racing with friends, drifting, and a lot more in just one place. In order to do that developers have given a lot of new updates. Let’s take a look and review what was best and what is best in these versions.

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What is Car Parking Multiplayer?

Car parking multiplayer is a driving simulation with lots of parking levels and other car racing activities that you can play online and offline with or without your friends.

You can chat with real-time friends and can engage in multiple online events and challenges. There have been a lot of updates to enhance the visual features and driving experience in car parking multiplayer from 2020 to 2023. These updates also helped to remove bugs and lags from the game.

Let’s have a look at what these updates have brought for us.

Car Lobby

New Lobby: New lobby has dull color as compared to the old one as per my observations.

Car Parking multiplayer mod apk 2020 VS 2023

Old lobby: Old lobby was a lot more colorful and bright.


In the old version, there were a lot of characters. Most of these characters are still in the game but as non-playable characters.


Character: Now we have more clothes and another customization item than before but the choice of character is restricted in the new version. As they all have the same body weight, height, and size.

Animation: Characters walking was more smooth and fast in old updates and there were very few lags almost none. But due to its enhanced features now the game lags more.

Car Parking Multiplayer 2020 vs 2023 evolution

Car customization: In the old version we had a few customization items, and body kits and didn’t even have car spoilers to choose from.

But in the new version, we almost can change every part of our car including number plates, stickers, and colors of those parts and kits.

Graphics and Map

The car interiors are the same then and now but obviously, the graphics are more advanced and detailed in overall aspects.

The map of course is the big change in the game with new cool features like daylight cycles and more area.

You have your own drone for picture mode and can control it freely.

Top Racer

The old version had an amazing feature that has the names of the players who have won the most races in the game.

Car Sounds

Car sounds are better than the previous version but it still has a lot of work to be done with car sounds.


Just like other games car parking multiplayer has a lot of alterations in order to fix bugs and increase the user driving experience. The new version has some really cool graphics and a bigger map, more customization items, and cars.

The old version has a few things that we have discussed above that must remain the same like the colorful car lobby and more variety of playable characters with different body weights and heights. In this article, we have briefly provided a concise comparison of Car Parking Multiplayer 2020 vs 2023.

W hope you will find the article useful and it will increase your gaming experience. You can also download the game from the link we have provided above. The Mod Apk will provide you with unlimited money and coin to enhance your gaming experience to the next level.

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