For guys who love car simulation video games, it’s always difficult to choose which game to play first. There are a lot of car-driving games but some are more entertaining and unique in their content.

Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK VS CarX

Car parking multiplayer and carX driving are one of those unique games. Here we will compare the Car Parking MultiPlayer Vs CarX Street for you on the basis of different aspects that make them different from each other.

Let’s find out the reasons which game is better than the other. After you have made up your mind download car parking Multiplayer Mod Apk with unlocked premium features and unlimited money and Carx Street can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Car Parking Multiplayer Features

To provide you with information regarding Car Parking MultiPlayer Vs CarX Street let me describe their in-game features for you.


Car Parking multiplayer minimum requirement is Android 6 devices to run smoothly.


CPM Apk File size is around 900 MB. That is a good size for this kind of amazing graphic game.


CPM has a lot bigger map but it can be better in terms of icons on the map and art style.

Picture Mode

Its picture mode is awesome. You can capture all angles using a drone with freely moving and invisible controls.


Its NOS system is very advanced and even you can fuel up your cars at gas stations.

Home features

Car Parking multiplayer homes are very good with multiple features like a garage, car repair system, Free walking inside the home, and you can do little activities at home.

You have a dog to play with in the backyard of your home.


In my opinion, CPM graphics are better than car street because it has amazing features like you literally can change graphic filters, and you can customize your own lighting.


Car parking multiplayer has very good car physics. Cars can be damaged even if you hit something at 40Km speed or above.

Game Modes

The CPM offers 6 different types of game modes making its gameplay very amusing and unique.

Number of Cars

It has 100+ all types of cars from racing to old cars and buses even trucks and trailers.

There are a lot of other things for example character walking and world chat features in this open-world game that has not been yet included in CarX Street.

CarX Street Features

When considering Car Parking MultiPlayer Vs CarX Street. it’s clear that it can be only compared by knowing more about their features. Then we can decide later which game is better or maybe both are better in their own unique way.


CarX Street requires Android 9 devices to run smoothly.


CarX Street has a bigger file size than CPM. it requires 4GB of free space in your device and a minimum of 8 Gb RAM.


It has a very small map as compared to CPM. It is not fully optimized either but its 3d visual makes the map visually good and you can see AI cars running on the roads of the map.

Picture Mode

Well, its picture mode is bad and has a watermark on it that you can not remove. But it has a few good screen tilt angles.


It has only 3 types of gas systems. But these gases are not available in CPM.

Home Features

 The home in Carx Street is just used for a car swap.


Carx Street has better graphics than CPM but lake a few graphic features that we have mentioned above in CPM graphics.

Physics (Car Damage)

Cars do not get damaged even scratched no matter how hard you hit. In my opinion, CarX street drifting physics is a lot better than CPM.

Game Modes

In CarX Street there are only 3 modes of gameplay. Online, racing, and offline modes.

Number of Cars

This game has only 18 cars which is very few compared to CPM.

Tuning Parts (Customization)

CarX Street has more realistic and futuristic tuning parts its offers a lot more detail than CPM.


Both games have very good and realistic graphics and car physics. They have done better to make the gameplay experience more unique and rela for their users. If considering Car Parking MultiPlayer Vs CarX Street you must not hurry may be they both are good in their own gameplay.

But still, CPM is better than Car X Street for a few reasons. It has more number of cars, more gameplay modes, a better car and building interior, and more exciting levels.

So choose the one that you like and experience a realistic and physics-based driving simulation like never before.

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