This guide is about Car Parking Multiplayer VS Parking Master Multiplayer II providing a comparison weighing their features, features, cars, maps, and gameplay to help you choose which one to pay first.

Both games provide thrilling parking challenges and online multiplayer modes. Both games are good but which one is better? Remember choosing the right game can make a real difference in your gaming experience so choose carefully in the end, I will also recommend which one is the best based on my personal experience.

You can download the car parking multiplayer Mod Apk from our home page to enjoy unlimited money and gold coins. But if you prefer parking master multiplayer II go for it. But I will recommend car parking multiplayer because of its realistic gameplay and steering controls and other reasons i have discussed below.

Car Parking Multiplayer VS Parking Master Multiplayer II

Let’s find out!

Car Parking Multiplayer VS Parking Master Multiplayer II Number of cars

Car Parking multiplayer

This game has a list of more than 148 vehicles. There are 130+ cars and others are non-cars like buses and trucks even trailers. Car parking multiplayer has a variety of cars from modern cars like sedans, SUVs, and sports cars to ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s cars are available.

Parking Master Multiplayer 2

PMM 2 has more than 110 vehicles. Among 109 cars others are non-car vehicles. This game has a lot of modern cars as compared to car parking multiplayer. This gives it a disadvantage because a lot of people also like old cars.

Car Models Quality And Interior

Car Parking multiplayer

This game has more precise and consistent graphic car models. The interior of CPM is generally well-designed and focuses on realism.

Parking Master Multiplayer 2

This game offers more vibrant and detailed interior car models rather than detailed car models.

CPM is slightly good. But some of the car models in both games need to be remodeled as their proportion is not as good as it needs to be.

Driving Physics Test

Car Parking Multiplayer

CPM has more arcade-style car physics. It focuses on real-world driving and parking experiences. Such as the weight of the vehicles, braking, steering, and steering sensitivity.

Parking Master Multiplayer 2

This game also has good driving physics and a good grip at high speed. But this game focuses on the balance between reality and entertainment as compared to Car parking multiplayer.


Both games have a good open-world map. But car parking has more detailed and well-designed maps like streets, more car parking, and off-road areas.

CPM has a bigger map as well. Visuals in the PMM 2 map are slightly better than in CPM in my personal opinion.

But you have less area to explore as compared to car parking multiplayer.


Both games focus on providing more realistic graphics and the environment and physics of car driving. But still, the quality of their graphics may vary at some point.

Car Parking Multiplayer

This game provides a more realistic and good physics driving experience and their graphics are detailed and highly rendered. Lightening effects, shadows, weather, car details, and value to visual quality.

Parking Master Multiplayer 2

Parking Master 2 also aims to provide a realistic and good-quality environment. Their environment is visually good but is not well detailed as compared to CPM.

I personally did not like the lightning effects of this game. But the overall environment is visually appealing.

Car Parking Multiplayer VS Parking Master Multiplayer II Features and Gameplay

Car Parking Multiplayer

Car parking has a lot of features and offers single-player and multiplayer gameplay along with daily tasks, worn-out tires, fuel pumps, washing cars, starting your own business, engine swaps, changing drive trains, body parts, and selling your cars.

Also, you can drift, race, and do different parking challenges and obstacles.

Parking Master Multiplayer 2

This game has also quite good features like car trading, drifting, time trials, racing, engine tuning and upgrades, and much more.

I think CPM has overall good features and gameplay.

Car Parking Multiplayer VS Parking Master Multiplayer II User Interface

The car parking multiplayer user interface is very light and very simple to use. The PMM2 user interface has color separations making it more good and easy to use as compared to CPM.

During gameplay, the user interfaces are transparent in both games making it neat and clean.


The car sounds in both games are very good. But CPM car sounds are quieter in interior view as compared to PMM2.


In conclusion, both games are strong contenders offering a wide range of vehicles realistic graphics, and stunning features. If you are considering we have provided a comparison of Car Parking Multiplayer VS Parking Master Multiplayer II and you can choose on the basis of these features.

But Car parking multiplayer focuses on more realistic driving and car physics with extraordinary visuals and a wide range of customizations. So maybe you like it more if you are fond of realistic games.

On the other hand, PMM 2 has less number of cars, fewer map areas, and fewer customization and features as compared to CPM. With a lake of few things, PMM2 is still a fun game.

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