Learn how to drift in car parking multiplayer and become a master of drifting. Our guide provides helpful tips and the top 5 locations for drifting. Car parking is a physics-based driving simulation that is very famous for its online multiplay and parking levels and mastering the controls needs some good practice. You can experience a hundred-plus car driving with realistic physics and fun gameplay.

Car parking multiplayer Mod APK drifting

But some of you may find it hard to drift in this game as drifting may need to have a little more improvement. But you guys have no need to wait for it because I am here to guide you with my pro tips on how to drift in car parking multiplayer.

Let’s Start

How to Drift in Car Parking Multiplayer

Unlock the secrets of successful drifting in this amazing simulation video game. Our guide gives a brief guide on how to drift in car parking multiplayer. You can download car parking multiplayer Mod Apk with unlimited money, gold, and unlocked premium content to enjoy the game to the full extent right away.

If you want to learn other methods to earn money and coins read our articles in the blog for tips and tricks of earning money in Car parking multiplayer. Lets get to the drifting tips and tricks:


For better drifting just like a pro you need to have these specific settings in CPM.

Go to the settings > Car settings > Here you will find different options with checkboxes.

Uncheck all the boxes except Automatic and AWD.

Now go to Interface settings > and remove the analog accelerator if you were using it. And now change the steering sensitivity to 50/50 making sure your car tires during gameplay are on 0%.

Now start drifting and try to use a break every time you think your car is going fast or out of control tap break then control the steering and tap on race immediately.

Use a handbrake only when you are drifting 360. Remember to tap the brakes and do not hold them long.

Manuual or D

You must use manual gears other wise car not turns and you can not drift.


Just before a road turn what things you must do to drift and control your car properly?

Car Parking multiplayer mod apk drifting
  1. Use gear one and move your car forward.
  2. Now turn the steering to the left and press the brake.
  3. Now drifting at road turn. Use your steering and move it left and then right to control your vehicle.
  4. Now press the brake again and release the steering.

Best Location for Drifting

Here are a few best locations for drifting practice in CPM.

Top 5: The road located just behind House 1 Town is good for drift practicing.

Top 4: The parking garage located in City 2 just behind the Starbucks is best for practicing. Most of you may already know this place.

Top 3: Go to the main highway and drive until you found a tight road on the highway. Which is ideal for drifting. On the map, it’s a D-like shape on the highway.

Top 2: This place is very hard to drift but ideal for mastering your drifting. It’s a parking building in the CPM which is huge and only for pros.

Top 1: It’s a Zig Zag road just like a walking snake located in City 1. Look for it and try drifting there you will thank me later.


If you want o stay ahead of other players you must practice again and again to become better at drifting in car parking multiplayer. I have provided a guide on how to drift in car parking multiplayer that will surely enhance your driving skills.

It will not only help you win different racing and drifting challenges but also will enhance your gameplay experience.

So it does not matter how many times you fail. The only thing that matters is that you try and master the drifting skill. We have also mentioned some of the best places that you can find on the CPM map for practicing.

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